I was quite busy lately and it has been a month since my last post. I didn’t learn something new and I felt a little shameful about it. :cry:

There are courses about which I don’t care much but have to spend enough time nevertheless. There are research works I’m eager to make some progress on but still at a loss. There are, as always, decisions to make and promises to keep.

Last week, I visited a small developing IT company, and was somehow being interviewed as a web front-end programmer. Hopefully, I didn’t disappoint the CTO too much, but I did see how much more effort I had to put to be a competent front-end designer.

Before that day, I thought I was good enough as a front-end programmer. But after the interview, I came to realize that knowing about how to design and implement is not the whole story. I knew about most techniques that I was asked about, but had little experience of using them personally. To be frank, I usually won’t learning something new when I don’t have to, since the opportunity cost of learning something new is increasing and increasing. And my pride and complacent are another reasons prevent me from learning.

I thought seriously about this after that interview and was very thankful for the CTO’s questions. I really need to learn these popular techniques and polish myself before I’m ready to be a web front-end designer.

Here’s a list of things I plan to learn through projects in 2014:

  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • RequireJS
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript Template Engine
  • JavaScript Language Feature
  • JavaScript Design Pattern
  • LESS
  • SASS

Maybe the winter holiday is a time to take a break, or an opportunity to carry on. :grin: