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I'm a Web Front-End Designer, currently being a graduate at Digital Art Lab, School of Software, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I'm keen on Web design and programming, with good command of JavaScript, HTML5 (specially with Web Audio and WebRTC), CSS, LESS, SASS, Three.js, jQuery, BootStrap, Python, and PHP.

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I write blog about Web Front-End and some other interesting topics.

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jWebAudio is a JavaScript library I made during my internship at Intel Inc., which is a Web Audio library designed for Web games. It has both pure JavaScript version and jQuery version.

jWebAudio focuses on audio control of web games and provides functions that most frequently used in game developing, which makes it a light-weight (9.3kb for minified standard version) but well-featured audio library, with features like fade in and fade out, loop, sound effects, multishot for short sound effects like gun shotting and etc.

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jCorner is a jQuery plugin to create a flat designed paper folding effect at the bottom-right corner, which is useful for both stylishness and a hint for a link.

It uses CSS border tricks to achieve the effect, without using any image, which enables us to create corners of any size. I've also written a blog post on how to achieve this.

It's a tiny library with minified JavaScript file of 1.2KB. Download Now!

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Bian Gua 变卦·易经64卦

Bian Gua is a project to illustrate the changing of Gua as introduced in Yi Jing, which holds a significant position in Chinese traditional philosophy.

我深深感受到《易经》的博大精深,这次做“变卦”网站,一是想有一个清晰的变化过程来更好地理解变卦,另一方面也是想展示一下 CSS 和 JavaScript 能实现的酷炫效果。在这个博文中,我详细介绍了这个项目的始末。

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Three.js Ebook

In the summer of 2013, I wrote an ebook Introduction to Three.js in Chinese.

感谢图灵社区提供了很好的电子书初版平台,让我写的 Three.js 入门指南能与更多学习者交流。因为在此之前没有关于 Three.js 的中文书籍,对于有些程序员而言学习效率就很有限,于是我决心写了一本中文版的电子书。总共历时三个月,虽然还不是正式初版的书,但写书的工作量之大还是很大程度地考验了我。本书所有的代码都是开源的,即使你不购买电子书,也希望这些例子能够对你有帮助!

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Chrome 插件



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ReadFree 是超好用的电子书分享平台,在这里能找到很多适合在 Kindle 上阅读的 mobi 等格式的电子书。至于豆瓣读书就更不用介绍啦~ 本插件能够让你在豆瓣读书页面点击一个按钮,直接传送到 ReadFree 页面。

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Argo Education

Argo Education is a project I did in the winter of 2013. It's a company providing service for Chinese students to apply for education abroad.

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I'm a passionate and modern Web Front-end designer. I'm a self-motivated programmer with an active account at GitHub, as long as a good taste and an attitude of pursuiting for perfect.

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