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This page lists some useful links in this site, which may be helpful if you want to dig out more interesting things around here.

Hope you enjoy the journey here!

About Me

Hi, there!

I’m Wenli Zhang, a Web Front-end designer and developer with experience of more than 3 years. I write blog and tweet (@OviliaZhang) about Web Front-end topics. I’m also an active committer at GitHub (@Ovilia) .

Find more information about me at:

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About This Site

Tools Used

This blog is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub. CSS files are preprocessed from SASS with the help of Koala. Blogs are written in rdiscount markdown. Comments are powered by Disqus.

I wrote the theme all by myself and this blog post explains how to make the effect in home page. For more information, the source code is available on GitHub for both home page and blog site.


RSS is available for English posts, 中文博客, and both languages.

Change Log

Major style change is listed in the change log.


comments powered by Disqus